Shrimply Deliciousâ„ 

Seafood at its best!

We use only the freshest, highest quality seafood and other ingredients in our products. We're based on the Oregon coast, so fresh seafood is a natural for us - that means the shrimp and crab is fresh from the sea (there is, unfortunately, a short season that shrimp is only available previously frozen). We use fresh herbs and spices, even our garlic is fresh (never dehydrated or bottled), and everything we can make ourselves, we do - like our cocktail sauces, Louis dressing and mesquite chicken nuggets.

Our menu is unique, yet highly flexible for special "themed" festivals or events. For instance, customizations might include various cocktail sauces to fit your festival's or event's theme, such as our cranberry cocktail sauce, which won us rave reviews at the Bandon Cranberry Festival, or our menu tailored in other ways to fit your festival, party, or event.

Items listed in this menu can be omitted if necessary to avoid duplication with competing vendors (although we are always happy to go head-to-head, knowing that our quality, value, and generous portions will win out), or non-listed items can be added if you have “gaps” in the variety of products you feel need filling for your festival - we can do almost anything! Just contact us and ask us if we can fill a gap with a specific product, and we can very probably accommodate you.