Our commitment: Give high quality products to meet your needs. We believe you deserve quality food at a fair price, prepared as you order it, from fresh, hand prepared ingredients - even (or especially) when you are at a festival or event. We make virtually everything that we sell from scratch (the various bread products that we use are one of the few exceptions). We don't leave things sitting in warmer pans all day. We don't buy pre-prepared foods and pass them off to you at a huge markup. We sell nothing that we are not proud of.

What we do is take the time to prepare all our foods ourselves - from our Shrimply Delicious cocktail (and other) sauces, salsa, & condiments, the fudge brownies and cheesecakes that we make by hand, and our Hot-Diggity-Dog gourmet sausages that we grind, spice, and stuff ourselves by hand - so while they may not be perfection in appearance, they taste great and we know exactly what goes into them - right on down to the pickles we make ourselves and chop for our relishes.

When we do buy something, like the all beef hot dogs and polish dogs that we serve, we always buy the very highest quality. For example, you can tell that our hot dogs are high quality not only by the taste, but because they don't “plump when you cook them” - that's because they're not filled with cereal and starch fillers which swell when cooked, they're filled with quality meat - think about it... have you ever seen a steak, or a chicken breast (or any other cut of quality meat for that matter) get larger when you cooked it? (Ah, yes... where but in America can marketing firms take an essentially negative thing like "our hot dogs have cereal & fillers in them" and turn it into a sales gimmick (“They plump when you cook 'em"”) to get the public to buy their products???).